Welcome to Pritnedcart. Where photographers and models come to sell and promote their prints. Create your own products to sell. Use the create-tool to upload your photos and publish your own products to our site. Showcase your talent behind or in front of the camera. Use our site to make custom prints you can sell to your fans on social media Receive a comission each month. You earn part of each sale containing a product you made with the create-tool.

Who is Printedcart?

Printedcart is an ecommerce website that allows models, photographers, and other artists to sell their prints through our website. Users can publish their prints to our website though our create-tool and share them with their fans and followers on social media. Every time a print is sold, the user that created it will receive a percentage of the sale at the end of the month. This gives users a unique chance to promote their talents while they fund their crafts.

Since Printedcart operates within its own printing facility, products are not produced until an order is placed through the website. This creates an on-demand printing environment, eliminating the need for users to manage an inventory of their prints. Additionally, this means Printedcart has the capability of handling the shipping of orders, removing the stress and worries of selling online from the user.

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